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Great open plan kitchen extension ideas

Posted By  
10:32 AM

Home extensions are an exciting time for any home. The house you know is now filled with possibilities, but kitchen extensions are amongst the most exciting.


It’s not just a cliché when they say the kitchen is the heart of the home. Whether it’s cooking to nourish your growing family or an intimate dinner for two, the kitchen is often where the most important family memories start.


I remember the open plan kitchen extensions my family underwent when I was a kid. Discussions of splashback colour and countertop material were irrelevant to me, but that first big family meal out of the oven smelled like heaven – even more so after a week of canned tuna.


It was the kitchen I learned to cook in, with the six-burner cooktop, mint green glass splashback and white Caesarstone island countertop. Following along with my mum and dad to learn the family recipes for classics like Bolognese, meatloaf and chilli con carne.


Open plan extensions make it easier to socialise, encourage a collaborative cooking process and create a cohesive flow throughout your home. Here is a selection of our favourite open-plan kitchen ideas based on the home extensions Sydney homeowners love.



Knocking out a wall

Might as well start with the biggest suggestion, right? Obviously, knocking out a wall will allow for more space for your new open plan kitchen, but there are so many other benefits to going ‘open plan.’


With fewer obstructions, the open floor plan works beautifully to encourage natural light to stream through your windows. Imagine the warm, rising sun as you make your morning coffee, and the orange glow of sunset as you pour your favourite post-work tipple.


Not only does knocking out give you space and sunshine, it means the chef can still engage with all aspects of the house.


If you are at all wary about this, chat with your home builder about the benefits of removing a wall to create your dream kitchen.


Bring the outdoors in

With all of the new natural light, your open plan kitchen is the perfect place to bring some nature indoors. A few herbs, maybe some tomatoes will work not only to brighten up your meals but can help to bring some life and simple décor right into your kitchen.


Whether I need the zing of a lemon, the aroma and freshness of basil or coriander, or simply just some extra greens, collecting straight from my garden gives me the satisfaction of knowing, ‘Hey, I just grew that!’



Go big or go home

Home extensions are not something that happens every day, so why not go as big as you can? Not only will this give your family the room to grow into your house, as opposed to the other way around, but a big kitchen begs to be filled.


A big kitchen means a collaborative cooking experience - one at the stovetop, one chopping at the counter, one running back and forth collecting ingredients – and will quickly become the epicentre of your home.


Designate areas

One of the biggest mistakes when going open-plan happens when space isn’t used properly. This is easy to navigate for an open-plan kitchen – just make sure you anchor the designated kitchen space with cooking essentials.


If you are going larger, make sure to create a triangle between your fridge, sink and oven/cooktop. As open-plan designs boast minimal walls, this works triangle as an invisible barrier to contain the kitchen.


Basically, don’t put all your kitchen appliances together – this works to close off the open-plan. Plus, it minimises the number of people who can be in the kitchen at once.