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Should I go up a level or should I extend my home?

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10:00 AM

Family home becoming too crowded or finally paid-off that mortgage, but love the area you live in? It might be time for a home renovation.


There are many decisions to be made when renovating your home, including whether to go up a level, or to extend. Lifestyle is a major contributor to this decision, and it all depends on why you want to renovate.


Why choose to level up?


With an upstairs level, an increase in storage area and living space is a given but there are other great advantages to leveling up your home.


If you're passionate about entertaining and love utilising your outdoor space, why sacrifice it when you can build upwards? Adding a second story allows for garden space to remain untouched, which provides you with additional entertainment areas like a playground for your children, an outdoor dining area, a pool, and many other fantastic options. 


With extra height in your home come extra views. Imagine waking up each morning to a view of the ocean, or your beautiful outdoor entertainment area. Furthermore, imagine enjoying a morning coffee on your balcony overlooking these amazing views. Grand views, especially those of Ocean or still water can immensely increase the value of your home, and give access for more light to fill your house.


Building upwards typically means taking off the roof, which brings its own set of problems, especially in winter. An additional level means additional weight to your house. It is important to make sure your house can cope with the added weight, as some older houses cannot withstand the increase in pressure.

Whilst an upper-storey provides more storage space upstairs, space will be lost downstairs with the new staircase.


Why choose to extend?


Extending your property is a lot cheaper than leveling up, and still allows for more living space.


As families grow, the need for more space grows with them. If you're tired of toys and other items cluttering your relaxation space, it may be time for an extension. An additional play area, living space for the kids, or relaxation space of your own may the perfect solution to get you that much needed space from the hustle and bustle of family life.


Whist your children may have loved sharing a room when they were younger, that love may not have aged as gracefully as they did. To minimise the imminent bickering of growing siblings, an additional bedroom or bathroom may decrease some of the stress of raising teenagers. 


Home extensions can dramatically increase the value of your property. Extra living spaces and bathrooms are extremely appealing to potential buyers, and are a lot cheaper to establish than an extra storey.


Whether you're expanding your property due to a paid-off mortgage or a growing family, leveling up or extending sideways allows you to keep your family home in the suburb of your choice, without the hassle of moving.