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Lifestyle built together

Every client’s needs are different. You may be starting your journey and looking for design, project management and construction. Or you may be further along the path and need help lodging existing plans with the council - or if you’re already approved - ready to bring your designs to life! Whatever stage you're at, we are here to help build your dream lifestyle.

Design & Drafting

Design & drafting

Ever thought of yourself as a designer? Believe it or not, you WILL be part of the design team! Your ideas and lifestyle vision will be at the centre of the build, and the final look and feel of your home will be an ongoing collaboration with our team. As it should be.

So where are you at in the design journey? Perhaps you have already engaged an architect and have design plans drawn up. They may be right to go or possibly need a rethink if they’ve been on the shelf for a while. Maybe you have ideas and sketches in your head that need to find their way to paper?

Our building designer will partner with you to translate your architect’s design into plans or draft drawings from scratch based on the design brief. We’ll help you define your vision from the outset and then fine tune and adapt the concept as needed during the build. At every point in the design process, we ensure we cross-check your design objectives with your budget. Beautiful design that fits the bill - and fits you. 

Project Management

Project Management

We want you as part of the process, but not the paperwork! Let’s be honest, you’ve got more fun stuff to think about than the admin. Our planning coordinator will arrange all the necessary surveys and reports and then manage the submission of your plans to council. We then liaise with them on your behalf to ensure all approvals are secured in a timely and efficient manner.

With a green light, we’ll take charge of the building schedule and timeline to keep everyone on track, from our own building team to external trade contractors. On our watch, we aim to be aware of hazards ahead of time and have contingency plans in place. A build shouldn’t mean surprises and stress.

Our top priority is communication - clear, simple and regular, so you know what to expect at every step of the process. And we let you make the call on what kind of updates suit you best....face-to-face, Zoom, text, email or phone.



The building bit is our happy place. Once we start, you’ll realise why it felt right to go with us. Our building team loves their job of making a dream home come to fruition, and they thrive on working smart and with high attention to detail.

You'll meet your dedicated foreman on Day 1 of the build and he'll be your everyday go-to person. His role is to manage both the site and the building team, whilst remaining hands-on with the tools to guide and practically oversee all aspects. We believe that familiar faces create quality spaces, so we endeavour to keep the team consistent for the duration of the build. This means everyone is fully aligned on your vision and design, and you can feel comfortable with the faces you’ll be seeing daily.

From a management level, our directors Peter, Chad and Jon are highly invested in your project and will meet with you on-site every fortnight. Or if something needs to be addressed sooner, know we’ll be there. We pride ourselves on the fact that every team member at Timbaworx will be across your build from start to finish.

Interior Design

Interior design

A home is so much more than the structure and the materials. We believe that a building design is not truly complete without getting carefully considered styling advice. It’s so important to be able to envision the look and feel of your home and it will also inform your choices on fittings and appliances. Our interior design partner will create a mood board for your home and help guide you on choices of colour, materials, finishes and products that will bring your spaces to life.

We understand that the interior choices should fit with your personal style and way of living, and complement your existing treasured pieces. You’ll get considered and inspired advice on complementary furniture, lighting and soft furnishings, with our designer working as your sourcing specialist. An interior needs work in harmony with your exterior, so you’ll also be guided on external colours and finishes to create the perfect package.

An interior and exterior colour consultation with our designer is inclusive within your contract. If you would like a full interiors service, our interior design partner will consult with you and tailor a personalised package with an allocation of design hours to suit your budget.

Our Process

What to expect

Below is our full-service offering. Everyone's needs are different. We can be flexible to jump in and partner with you at any stage in your building journey.

Initial Meeting

Initial meetings

Getting acquainted: The best place to meet is of course...at your home (or site of home-to-be!) Our directors and head foreman will spend the time to understand what your vision is and get a feel for the space and the opportunities. Beforehand, we’ll ask you to complete a lifestyle questionnaire which will uncover how you’d like to spend time in your new home...from relaxing, to dining and entertaining, enjoying the outdoors, working from home and functional living.

It helps to get comfortable using the B-word...budget...early on in the process. We believe in two-way transparency, so once we know your target spend, we’ll be upfront in advising how it needs to be allocated to achieve your design. Your budget will drive the decision-making from day 1 and it’s important to gauge how much room to move you would like during the build.

Design, planning & review

Design, planning & review

Defining the dream: Our driving passion on any build or renovation is the design, and we believe it is the defining step in the process. If you already have plans then let's review them together ensuring everything is set for the perfect build. If you are looking to work with us from the design stage onwards our building designer will meet with you to assess your drafting requirements, either creating new plans or refining existing ones. An internal floor layout and external features plan will be proposed, which we’ll discuss and refine with your input. Once you’re happy with the final draft, we can share the inclusions documentation which sets out the materials, specifications and staged timeframe for your build.

Reports & approvals

Reports & approvals

Ticking the boxes: Once we have DA council approval, we complete the paperwork required to obtain a Construction Certificate.

Quote & contracts

Quote & contracts

Locking in the build: Once we've refined and agreed on the plans, specifications and pricing that works for you, we finalise a quote and prepare the contract dossier for your review before signing. This will contain the Timbaworx agreement, the Master Builders Association contract and your finalised inclusions and plans. Your start date and payment schedule is also set and agreed at this point. At this stage, we also introduce you to our Colour Consultant and Interior Designer, to start brainstorming colours and styling ideas with you.

Are you keen to go with the flow, with the flexibility to have ongoing input into decisions on the go? You may wish to have the freedom to opt into custom additions, and allow for any change of mind during the project. A cost-plus contract may be most suitable in this case. We’ll give you a carefully considered estimate, with our standard margin applied to building costs as we go.

Is your vision and design firmly set, and would you prefer to lock in decisions on materials at the outset? You may have a strict outlay you need to stick to, and little desire for variations. In this scenario, a fixed price contract may be best for you.

Building works

Building works

Getting on the tools: And the exciting stuff begins! Your foreman will become a familiar face whilst managing all aspects of the build on a daily basis. He’ll keep you informed on progress and guide you on the milestones and when decisions on selections are required, including sourcing samples for you. Our directors will be seen on site regularly overseeing the build and liaising with the foreman and you to ensure the build process continues to be a seamlessly.



Staying in touch: As we pack up the toolboxes, it’s handover time. But it’s not a goodbye! We want to ensure you’re totally smitten with your new home. We will touch base with you 3 months and again 9 months after build completion to see if any tweaks are needed and ensure that you are happy with your new lifestyle. Lastly, we’ll provide you with a specs dossier containing your chosen finishes, paint colours, brands, warranties, certificates and maintenance helpsheets.

Our Partners

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